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  1. Wide strap leotard
    Style: 01440

    Wide strap leotard

    CA$67.60 - CA$75.40
    In stock
  2. Sheer aspect footed tights
    Style: 00352

    Sheer aspect footed tights

    In stock
  3. Convertible footed tights
    Style: 00334

    Convertible footed tights

    CA$19.40 - CA$21.60
    In stock
  4. Footed tights
    Style: 00331

    Footed tights

    CA$16.80 - CA$19.40
    In stock
  5. Matrix  camisole leotard
    Style: 03584

    Matrix camisole leotard

    CA$55.40 - CA$68.00
    In stock
  6. Footed Performance dance tights
    Style: 00310

    Footed Performance dance tights

    CA$16.80 - CA$21.00
    In stock
  7. Royal Academy of Dance Camisole leotard
    Style: 013520

    Royal Academy of Dance Camisole leotard

    CA$62.80 - CA$68.00
    In stock
  8. long sleeve leotard
    Style: 06091

    long sleeve leotard

    CA$46.00 - CA$50.80
    In stock
  9. tank leotard
    Style: 06090

    tank leotard

    CA$43.00 - CA$47.20
    In stock
  10. Tank unitard
    Style: 06050

    Tank unitard

    CA$40.80 - CA$54.40
    In stock
  11. Leotard adjustable and removable strats
    Style: 06027

    Leotard adjustable and removable strats

    CA$34.00 - CA$39.20
    In stock
  12. printed mesh wrap skirt
    Style: 03648

    printed mesh wrap skirt

    CA$50.80 - CA$57.60
    In stock