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  1. Matrix wide waistband capri
    Style: 03532

    Matrix wide waistband capri

    CA$36.98 - CA$49.00
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  2. Matrix wide waistband short
    Style: 03533

    Matrix wide waistband short

    CA$24.98 - CA$35.00
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  3. Leggins with formed waistband
    Style: 06012

    Leggins with formed waistband

    CA$43.98 - CA$50.00
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  4. Mondor Women fleece sport pants
    Style: 01208

    Mondor Women fleece sport pants

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  5. Matrix straight leg pants
    Style: 03531

    Matrix straight leg pants

    CA$44.98 - CA$59.98
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  6. Leggings with formed waistband, Matrix
    Style: 03663

    Leggings with formed waistband, Matrix

    CA$46.98 - CA$59.98
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  7. Leggings with formed waistband
    Style: 04843

    Leggings with formed waistband

    CA$49.98 - CA$61.98
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  8. POWERFLEX kids pants
    Style: 01011

    POWERFLEX kids pants

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  9. POWERFLEX women pants
    Style: 01031

    POWERFLEX women pants

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  10. POWERFLEX men pants
    Style: 01041

    POWERFLEX men pants

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  11. Cotton Classics short
    Style: 011608

    Cotton Classics short

    CA$17.50 - CA$23.98
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  12. Cotton Classics short
    Style: 011609

    Cotton Classics short

    CA$16.98 - CA$22.98
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